1. Preface

For many decades the use of frankincense as a drug has fallen into silence and oblivion when in the nineteenth of the last century suddenly there appeared a flood of scientific publications related to extracts of this resin and on pharmacological active compounds. They dealed with their analytics, pharmacology and even some clinical pilot studies. This all was favoured by progress in scientific methods and a sudden interest in patients after the appearance of some scientific publications suggesting effectivness of extracts from frankincense in case of inflammations and tumors.
A second point might have been that inspite of wide uses in chronic inflammatory diseases in the meantime severe adverse effects were not reported.

Unfortunately in the western countries it was not possible to introduce a registered drug from frankincense according to the drug laws despite an immense demand by the public. Thus only food additives are available which need no scientific studies but can be sold free in the market.

The editor of this website would deeply appreciate it if in the near future it would be possible to establish a product from incense as a registered drug which meets modern requirement according to drug laws.

It is the aim of this website to give an actual overview about the scientific state for scientists but also for physicians and interested persons.

Starting this website the initiators did not only report science related botanics and chemical compounds of the resin of Boswellia but also its use in the past and the circumstances how incense – in scientific terms “Olibanum” – became popular again in Europe.

letztes Update: Juli 2016